Bridesmaids Gift Baskets

What better way to start the newest chapter of my online life than by talking about the newest chapter in my personal life? I was recently married to my best friend of six years. We gave our hearts to each other completely-honestly long before our wedding day-for all the eyes of our friends and family to see, on June 23rd under the overreaching arms of two giant trees while the sun set behind us. It was a whirlwind day but what I recall most vividly is the laughter. We had promised that no matter what happened that day we would laugh about it. Laughter is one thing both of us cherish as much as family and friendship.

Of course my day would not have been complete without the help of the wonderful women in my life. My bridesmaids were a tremendous help and I don’t think things would have fully come together without their support, love, and tireless efforts. I was also blessed to have one of my best friends officiate the wedding. I couldn’t have imagine a more wonderful gift. Eager to thank them in a personal way I began, a full month before the big day, putting together their gifts to say ‘thank you’ for all their hard work. I wanted to make as much of the gift as possible and so I researched sugar scrub and bath salt recipes. After seeing the new Sugar n’ Cream line of yarn called ‘Scrubby’, I came up with the idea of a homemade spa kit.

I started with sugar scrubs for each of the girls, matching scents and color with their personalities. It took me a couple of recipes and some intervention on my part with the ingredients, but eventually I found the perfect blend of oil and sugar so as to not leave an oily residue on your skin.

For an added touch on the bath salts and sugar scrubs I made some salt dough tags and personalized them with stamps to adorn the little mason jars I used. You can find the recipe and some fun tips HERE. Be warned! It takes six hours to cook! I matched scents and color with the bath salts and put them in jars. I got the recipe for the sugar scrub HERE. I used Almond Oil for my carrier oil. The bath salt recipe can be found HERE. I used coarser salt for a thicker texture.

To use with the salts and scrub I crocheted some exfoliating loofas using the Sugar n’ Cream line of yarn, alternating between the regular yarn and the rougher material (Scrubby) they’d designed for use in their patterns whose primary use was cleaning.

As a way to tie into the decorations for the wedding I made each of the girls a terrarium necklace. The center pieces of our tables were self contained little worlds that had trees, rock paths, cute mushrooms and hidden animals. Each was home to a mythical creature (though in one case it was a T-Rex) and we raffled them off at the wedding. The necklaces were only made from the left over materials used to build the center pieces but I added some wire work and a charm to them for a personal touch. I really felt each charm represented each different person in my bridal party.


I can’t think of a project lately that I tackled with more gusto than this one. I really wanted the girls to love their gifts and show them how important they were to me. Each and every person in our wedding party has played a very important roll in my and Andrew’s life. My two best friends, Michelle and Kat (who officiated), my two wonderful sisters, Gabe and Dom, and my adorable Jr. Bridesmaid (and cousin) Nikkitta made up my entourage. His best friend Bryan, my spunky brother Nathaniel, and our mutual (and hilarious) friend Sam made up his groomsmen . We were truly surround by love that day.

Once we get some of the wedding photographs I will make a bigger post recounting the events of that day. So many lasting memories were made and the company we kept that night made for rich conversation, hilarious outtakes, and boundless joy. I see so many people who focus on what went wrong on their wedding. I can’t help but shake my head in confusion. You’re joining your heart to the love of your life in the presence of friends and family, why does anything else matter but that? Cherish the good, the laughter, the joyous tears, and throw out the stress, mishaps, and messups. At the very least, laugh them off. It won’t matter in ten years just what it was that got screwed up. Not if you don’t let it.

I know without a doubt that I will look back and recall the glow of golden light on the face of my love and the quiet moment I shared with my father before we walked down the isle. I will remember the smell of pizza and the smiling faces of my family. Thoughts of my mother’s strength and poise will visit me through out the rest of my life and I will think often of how deep Andrew’s eyes were and how wide his smile was that day. Everything else is just a story waiting to be told.


  1. Kat says:


    Your blog is official now 😉

    I loooooooove my prezzies! Homemade is soooo much better than Bath & Body Works.

  2. Dommy says:

    OMG, you actually made those loofas by hand?! whoa whoa whoa whoa, thats really freaking awesome, Cole!! They were so professional looking that I sincerely thought you bought them! It makes me love them all the more!! Also, your wedding so memorable and amazing. I honestly cant think of one thing that went wrong. It was beautiful and fun and will last in MY thoughts forever too. So happy you and Andu are married now. Lastly, thanks so so so much for the incredible hand made gift baskets. I have mine proudly on display in my bathroom, and I regularly use the items. 😀 <3