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I’ve had an Etsy shop for a while now but mostly for prowling around. There are some truly fine works of art and craftsmanship on that site! I’ve even spent a penny or two on some pretty things for myself. If you’ve never perused the pages of Etsy, go there now. And I mean now. There is something for everyone there. Romantics, modernists, vintage lovers, artists, jewelry enthusiasts, sewers, crocheters, My Little Pony lovers; the list goes on.

After years of lurking I finally have my own stuff up in the shop. My goal is to sell some of the stuff I make during my demos and DIY projects here. Perhaps even kits of a few of the projects so you can make it easier to get the needed supplies. On top of that I want to sell some of my crocheting. I do a lot of it and while my friends benefit from being my guinea pigs (I try out a new pattern and give them my first attempts) I want to start putting my work out there in the world.

Right now there is mostly jewelry in my shop. I made a bunch of braided bead bracelets in varying colors.

I had a lot of fun making these and while my waxed linen was limited in color I was able to add just about every color thanks to the glass seed beads I have.

I also have some custom fabric push pins and magnets for memo boards:

Each box I custom designed to match the fabrics I used. This was a tremendously fun undertaking. I almost wanted to keep each set for myself because I use cork and memo boards a lot.

To shop my store visit:


  1. Dommy says:

    Id really like to buy some of these things. Especially the magnets, hell, I want the entire set. Even the pins. I love the look and how they are put together. We shall see when payday rolls around. *shifty eyes*