Fabric Fanatic

One of my guilty pleasures is shopping for fabric. It is a taste I developed several years back when Walmart still sold crafting supplies. See, I didn’t know then the value of good fabric so when they started selling off all their stock at reduced prices I bought up a bunch. I tucked it all away and didn’t do much of anything with it. I am sure I had grand ideas for its use, but never followed through.

Then I met my mother-in-law and through her developed an interest in quilting. She is a fantastic quilter and inspired in me a desire to learn more about the craft. I began shopping for fabrics and learning from her which types were the best to work with on which projects. At first I had a hard time deciding which patterns to buy, but over the years I’ve developed my style and now spotting a beautiful pattern comes second nature to me. Paired with my love of-and strength in-Color Theory (something I truly believe I got from my mother) I can match patterns and colors together with ease.

And now I’m well and truly addicted.

How adorable are those last two patterns??

Here are some of the patterns I purchased at the Quilt Fair I went to with my mother-in-law some months back. I learned that I have a love for Romantic and 30’s/40’s fabrics. Also I enjoy almost everything Moda produces. Their designers are real artisans.

I have a small collection compared to some people that I know but it grows all the time and now I actually use it! I’ve been a busy little sewing bee for the last couple weeks because I have decided I am going to finally dip my toe into the world of craft fairs. Time to rent a booth and cultivate some business.

It is a bit nerve-wracking but I think it is time to experience it. Happy Making!


  1. Dommy says:

    I LOVE HOW MICA IS IN THE PICTURE!!!!!!! lol Also, we all have our own addictions. hehehe

  2. Kat says:

    I cannot wait for you to set up a booth! Can I help?

    • Nicole says:

      That would be such a help! Thank Kat! I will let you know more details when I finally pick which one I want to do.