Project Passion: Part II

Sewing has taken up much of my time lately. Little projects that I’ve had floating in my mind are coming to reality the more I practice with my machine. A while ago I had the idea to make a bigger crochet hook organizer since the one I had couldn’t hold my bigger hooks. Plus it did not have a place for my needles, threaders, and stitch markers. Now that my skills are growing I was finally able to make what I had envisioned!

It even has room to grow as I am far from owning ever hook size out there. I would have, once upon a time, just bought something like this at the craft store. I guess the fact I could never find one to fit my needs was a blessing as now I have one that is totally me and much more functional. If anyone is interested in my measurements, let me know.

As part of my on-going attempt at making a creative work space I completed two other ‘renovations’ to my office. I seized an organizer that Andrew once used for his electronics and spray painted it so it fit more in line with the mood I’m trying to set on my side of the office. Now I have a place for all my little odds and ends: paper findings, punch outs, cording, rhinestones, patches, tags, ect.

And I was tired of the ugly brown cork board I have hanging just to the right of my computer. I’ve had that thing for years but never once thought to change it’s appearance. I took some spray paint to it as well and completely changed the feel of it.

I added some lace to the boarder for a more romantic touch:

The word that has been on my mind as of late is ‘design’. I want to do more of it. I keep finding myself pulled back into design’s arms but I can’t seem to hear what it is whispering in my ear. I do not know where to take my desire for design just yet. I go back and forth between fabric pattern, paper pattern, and web design. I do not know where I would shine best. All of them seem daunting but the word keep circling up there in my brain.

On a weirdly related note, owls are in this season! This makes me extremely happy cause I have a love for them I associate with my mom. The connection is that my desire to get more into design led my to sketching in a sketchbook more often, which in turn had me drawing cute little owls when I couldn’t think of anything. I want to get more into drawing so I can strengthen my design eye. I went owl drawing crazy. They’re just so much fun to make! I think I should do something with these guys but I am not sure what yet.

Hopefully soon I’ll have some owl drawing related projects in the works. I am also working on some custom greeting card ideas that I hope to share real soon on here. Up next I want to take a little time to talk about the concept ‘Being Green’ and how/what I recycle for use in my projects. Stay Tuned!




  1. Michelle says:

    How cool!! 🙂 I’m waiting for you to start on the old clothes pillows/blankets! Whether you start it sooner or later (since I know you don’t have a set time to start that one yet), I’ve stacked up the clothes I’d want used in mine. Then when I go through my storage unit and unpack stuff, I’m sure I have more stuff that I’ll be getting rid of.

    BTW, I’m under the impression that it does take a while, so if you want to charge to do those quilt type things for others, just let me know how much. 🙂

  2. Dommy says:

    I really love how you changed the cork board. So simple, but it makes an entire world of difference. Your creativity and talent knows no bounds.

  3. Shan says:

    I would love your measurements. I am having trouble keeping stuff together. I would like to know where my hooks are instead of having to buy new. I really like your design

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Shan,
      The measurements I used were:
      2 pieces measuring 10in by 17in. This will form the back piece.
      4 pieces measuring 14 3/4 in by 7in (this will make your piece for the hook holder and the flap)
      2 pieces measuring 5in by 4 in. This will be used for the pocket.

      All pieces are sew together inside out in pairs for a more finished look and then turned right side out. I positioned the flap and pocket about a quarter inch above the sew line for the backing (sew this pair together last) and for the spacing of the hooks I started by putting my largest hook in and pinning around it so it fit comfortably and then measured how large that was. I did several at that size then lower the measurement as I went along till I had ones that fit my smaller hooks.

      For the ribbon I chose a random length. It just need to be long enough to wrap around the case to secure it.

      Happy sewing!

  4. Kat says:

    I love the cork board change! It looks so much nicer now. Also, I want the green eyed owl on something (hint, hint).

    By the way, even though I *may* had advised giving up on the sewing machine, I’m proud of your persisting on mastering it. You are awesome!