Fabric Fridays

It has been a bit of a slow week for me. I blame the holiday and the fact my sister and her boyfriend, Alex, were in town. I didn’t work on any projects really. Plus I’ve been busy working on the fabulous PR team of the Dallas Makerspace. I get to head up a fantastic group of go-getters for a wonderful organization. Now it’s time to get back into the swing of MAKING!

I’m thinking about making Fabric Fridays a thing. Whenever I can afford to buy new prints I’m going to post them on the Friday of the week I get them, along with any fabric related projects I have lined up. At some point I would love to design my own fabric prints. How cool would it be to say “Hey, I designed that.” It’s a dream of mine to be a designer of some sort. I’m still trying to figure out just what I want to design exactly.

These are my most recent purchases. Gotta love those dollar fat quarters!

Up next, in my fabric projects, I plan on making some aprons. With all the baking my sister and I have been doing, I want a more diverse collection of aprons to spice up my photographs. There were so many different patterns out there but I narrowed it down to one set. I can’t WAIT to try them out!

Hopefully next week I’ll be back on my game and have a few more posts than I did this week. I’m excited about an excursion my friend Kat and I have planned for this weekend. We are taking our cameras out to the Bishop Arts District here in Dallas. I’ll be sure to post pictures from our adventure. Hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Making!

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