Bishop Arts District

Over the weekend I had the chance to explore an area of Dallas I’ve often heard of, many times wanted to visit, but had yet to see with my own eyes; Bishop Arts District. We have several pockets of urban living in the area, a kind of art meets architecture meets boutiques. Deep Ellum is another such location and one that my friends and I have exhausted multiple times for photography purposes. Heck, I even had my bridal portraits done there cause that is how much I love that area.

But Saturday, my dear friend Kat and I wanted something more. We wanted a fresh place we could experience together for the first time. This way it didn’t feel like one was showing the other great places to photograph. Instead we both played the part of Indian Jones and sought out those gem spots together. Aside from the photograph fun we had it was a great place to just hang out and enjoy some great company.

We ate lunch at Gloria’s in an old firehouse turned restaurant. From there we set off into the city (after a run to the nearest gas station for some water) and began to stroll down the districts main thoroughfare. The buildings were so cute! The shops were eclectic and in many cases unusual. Street art lined several of the walls not to mention the myriad sculpture and stencil art all over the place. I loved the bike shop! Made both Kat and me want one. That and some cooler weather so we could enjoy them.

Along one of the walls was a chalkboard art piece that read ‘Before I Die I Will…” and written all over it were items from people’s bucket lists. My favorites were ‘Adopt a Lion’ and ‘Dance Naked in the Rain’.

I was completely in love with all the vibrant colors in the Bishop Arts District. Bright blues, deep greens, zesty yellows and poppin reds; all spread out across the main street and out into the fringes. The houses were old but beautiful and established. Smaller than what most Texans are used to I think, but none the less stunning in their simple elegance.

One of my favorite parts of our excursion was the side stop we made at DFW M’Antiques. Similar to a Lula B’s or Oddities, the shop boasted a vast collection of antiquities and vintage finds. The promise of free wine lured us in. Once inside I was really glad we took the time to see this place. I could have spent hours alone going through their vintage photograph collection. They had drawers upon drawers filled with them and of such variety that I couldn’t pass up pursuing for a little bit in the hopes of finding pieces to add to my own collection. They also had an insane amount of plaintypes!

I was impressed with how diverse the subject matter of their photographs were. At Lula B’s I usually only find photographs that were taken in Texas. Even at the antique show my mom and I went to in Round Top didn’t have such international images as what  I found at M’Antiques. Their prices were a little higher than I was used to paying but I couldn’t say no to a few of them. With a style I’ve cultivated over the years, I knew I’d regret not buying the few that grabbed me and held on.

This last one has a bit of history as well as a lovely photograph. One of the addresses on the post card is to somewhere in Berlin. Kat believes it might even had been written during Hitler’s reign. We’re not entirely sure though since the language on the card is nearly indecipherable to us.

I feel like there is still more we could explore in the Bishop Arts District. So many streets we didn’t tread, stores we didn’t enter, and eateries we didn’t sample. It begs another trip and I am sure I have a willing partner if ever I want to travel back there.


  1. Kat says:

    Such a great day 🙂