Paper Swaps And Shiny Bits

I got my first paper swap in the mail today! A couple months ago I got the idea from another blog (I can’t recall which) to start my own Paper Swap with my girlfriends. Since I deal so often with papers in my crafting I have a large selection of embellishments,  prints, and do-dads. I thought it would be fun since I know many of the women in my life do their crafting with scrapebook papers as well. We each use the paper in different ways and doing the swap would be a way to step outside ourselves and give something new a chance. I sent out four to start us off and got my first one back last weekend from my cousin, Brenda.

I was so stoked when I opened it up! So many pretty little things I can’t wait to use in my own crafting. Plus she knew I adore green and themed the whole package around that color. As impressed as I was with the variety of my first package it was nothing compared to the awe I felt when I saw the adorable quilled paper pieces she made. Quilling, for those that don’t know, is the art of paper rolling:

I think the Paper Swap was a great idea and is going to really broaden my collection of papers and fun embellishment pieces. I’m already thinking of how I can use these in my card making. I’ll post pictures when I use them.

1. My Moo card order came in! I love these things! This batch was purely for fun. I promised my friend Michelle that I would get her some cards printed of her trip to Paris and London and buy the collage frame to go with it. I’ve got the first half of my promise done! The rest of the 100 cards NOT being used for her collage are random photographs I’ve taken. I think it a stroke of luck the wrap around the box was orange. It fit in perfectly with my color scheme!

2. Got this beauty of a pendant from my friend Kat. Her Uncle makes these pieces! The craftsmanship is gorgeous not to mention the rich, soothing color of the stone! To die for. Now I need to find an elegant gold chain to wear it on.

3. Dollar notebook from Walmart. Loved the pattern and I’m always in need of something to jot notes in. Despite having a smart phone and using it for most everything I need to remind myself of, I still enjoy the textile feel of writing things down. Fits right in my purse too!

With all this heat eking away my energy I need a blast of fresh in my life. I just noticed today that most of my post-it notepads are spring or fruit related. I love strawberry graphics and the peaches are just delicious looking. I can feel cool winds on my face just by looking at them. Each of these were around a dollar. The peach and flower pads came with the smaller post-it notes.

Lately I’ve picked up a fascination with reading non-fiction. Strange for me honestly since I usually avoid it if I can. While I still have a book in reach that falls under the category of ‘pleasure reading’ I’ve found these two books I’m currently going through very enjoyable. Craft, Inc. is a How-To on turning your creative side into a business. The tips have been helpful and I’m learning just what I need to work on to make my hobbies and skills into a success.

Why We Love is a fascinating book on the chemistry of love and how it affects us physically as well as physiologically and sociologically. As many of my friends know, I’m a huge Leo Buscaglia fan. I discovered his work very much by accident last year and it changed my life in many ways. Buscaglia writes on the topic of love as well, but he takes a more philosophical approach to the subject whereas Helen Fisher takes the scientific approach. Both are very important sides of the same coin and both show that no matter who we are, we all need love.

If anyone is in need of encouragement, insight, or a wonderful recharge of faith in humanity I highly recommend reading ANY of Leo Buscaglia’s books. My personal favorite is: Love.

Another great one is: Loving Each Other

And speaking of Love, here’s some “Awwwwww!” for you. My cats were being too adorable in the background while I photographed things today. Usually they want to jump up on my set up, but today they were so well behaved and snugly looking.

I’ve got a big sewing project I’m working on this week. I’ll post updates on it as I go (pictures and all!) and hopefully it won’t take too long to complete. Then it’s back to sewing together stock for a craft fair. Still not sure which one I want to attend.


  1. Kat says:

    Ohmygosh! So many pretties!!! I really like the quilled pieces that your cousin did.