Project Passion III: Sewing and Quilts

My days are filled with fabric, sewing machines, and bobbins upon bobbins of thread. I’ve really been enjoying my sewing time. The results of my time spent bent over my desk pushing that line of fabric through the needle are tangible and highly visible to me. That creates such a sense of accomplishment. I can look down when I finish and say, “There, I’ve made something.”

I started the 1600 Inch Quilt last weekend…and completely mucked it up. That is what I get for being impatient and not doing any research first. I thought I had the general idea down and could fill in the blanks myself. I missed one small, but vital step. Note to self: ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH! Luckily, with the help of my fabulous Mother-in-Law, Candice, I was able to salvage most of the quilt.

The 1600 Inch quilt is pretty neat though. For those that don’t know about it, or the Jelly Roll Race (another name for it I’ve found) the 1600 In quilt is a complete quilt top made mostly from a single jelly roll of fabric, making it a fairly cheap and easy quilt to make. They make great charity pieces because they can be completed (in most cases) in a single sitting.

There is so much sewing involved in this quilt, but very little else is needed design wise. The random way the fabrics line up is the charm of the quilt. I found a great tutorial of the steps HERE.

Oops! I completely forgot how I was taught to iron my seams. I ended up redoing all of them when we redid the quilt. Candice helped me come up with a way we could salvage the piece so that I didn’t lose all that fabric. We ripped out the seams every grouping of six strips. It was a lot of ripping. Then we pieced it back together using THIS tutorial from and made checkerboards. I managed to get 10 blocks and several strips I can use in a future scrap quilt or spread out across other scrap quilts. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a block swap and use these.

Not willing to be so defeated I did my research, honed up my knowledge, and started the 1600 Inch quilt again. This time I’m using cheaper fabric so that way if I botch it again I won’t be so heartbroken. (The first one was Three Sisters!)

This one uses much brighter colors than I tend to use, but I thought it might be fun to step outside my normal motifs and do something wild.

The 1600 Inch is a great way to showcase several fabrics and I really want to do one with the Papillon line of fabric from Three Sisters. I enjoy almost everything I’ve seen Three Sisters create. The fabric from the first quilt was called Sentimentals. There will be more photographs of the fabric in this weeks Fabric Friday. I’ll make sure to post a picture of the finished quilt top when I complete it.

When doing any sewing project it is good to have all your supplies handy. I have a cute little basket that use to be my moms and while it is relatively small compared to the beautiful sewing baskets I’ve seen in stores, I cannot part with it just yet. I keep a healthy supply of thread, spare bobbins (in case you have to change out in the middle of the spool), needles, pins and cutting tools around me. You never know when you might need the use of one or all of these things. I’m slowly building up a nice stock of the essentials. Back to the sewing machine! What projects are on your plate right now?

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