A Brief Interlude

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Now time for some pretties! I’ve discovered a magazine that I feel was made especially for me. Mollie Makes is about everything I hold dear in crafting and making. They cover sewing, quilting, photography, thrifty buying, decorations, and myriad other topics. Sadly the magazine is published in the UK so finding it here is hard and the yearly subscription price? A hefty cut into the ol’ wallet.

With my first purchase of Mollie Makes I got a neat little gift: a wooden crochet from their Haberdashery line. That alone made the purchase worth it but I was pleased to find the content of the issue I interesting. They have a blog as well: http://molliemakes.themakingspot.com/

I got a set of clearance buttons with gold filigree. So pretty! I have no idea what project I will use them with, but I knew at the price they were I need to snag them up or risk never seeing them again.

Lastly I got a set of fabric stickers from the fresh and quirky designer, Amy Tangerine (aka Amy Tan). You can check out her blog for some of her products-or your local craft store-and great inspiration for the uses of her line of scrapbooking/paper art materials: http://www.amytangerine.com/blog. I already own several of her unique travel journals. I even used one of them on my honeymoon. Her paper prints are vividly colored and sometimes sport vintage camera line drawings, which I simply adore!

Lastly, I’ve started adding links in my blogroll to the blogs out there that I frequent. Check them out. You will not be disappointed. Wonder Forest if one of my favorite places to visit for inspiration. I also have a board on my Pintrest called ‘Blogs To Follow’ that has a much larger list of inspiring makers, crafters, and lifestyle bloggers. Check it out here: http://pinterest.com/kilobyte/blogs-to-follow/. Happy Making!

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