Fabric Friday: Jelly Roll Love

Who doesn’t think jelly rolls are pretty? All that lovely fabric neatly rolled and bound by a tie and ready to look beautiful on our shelves? I’d buy more of them if they weren’t so expensive. Jelly rolls are a great way to get a large variety of a vendors line for that season. Typically you can even get one of each of the prints they are selling. And while pretty to look at, jelly rolls are great for adding little splashes to your work or can be used in their entirety for a single project. There are whole books devoted to quilts made from jelly rolls.

I’ve started really defining my style and picking up on which vendors provide my favorite motifs and colors schemes with some regularity. 3 Sisters is a brand I’ve come to love. Moda produces their work and I am finding that they have great taste in designers. I admit to once thinking that Moda was the designer. I was quickly educated.  Since discovering their line of products I’ve eagerly sought them out at fabric and craft stores.

Along with 3 Sisters I’ve developed a love for another designer, Bonnie & Camille. Their work is bright and normally out of my usual motifs and color schemes, but I love their vintage feel. And nothing captures it better than their current line: Vintage Modern.

I’m not sure what I will do with this roll. I used the first one in my first attempt at the 1600 In. quilt but ended up ripping all my seams and making smaller squares to use in a separate scrap quilt. I figured if I got the pattern right with my cheaper fabric from Walmart I could try it again with a vendor who’s stuff I like more. We’ll see. I may keep this for a different project.

I got these next sets at Walmart for about 20 dollars total. Not a bad price considering what jelly rolls go for. I had to buy two sets of 24 in order to complete my quilt top project and for diversity I intermixed two different styles.

I really like the Batik fabric though (pictured in bottom left). The colors were really rich and the patterns fun. This all reminds me I have a much larger quilt I still need to finish. It is so close to being done I need to just get it done!

Lastly, while these aren’t jelly rolls I snagged up these adorable fat quarters during my shopping spree. I am so in love with the middle fabric. I need to come up with something special to use this one in that really show cases the pattern.

I’ve been completing a ton of sewing projects this week. Finished a quilt top, started parts of another, fixed up my mom’s old college sweater (which I’ve been meaning to for years), and worked on my Folklore Scarf that I started a couple years back. It sure is nice to be productive! What is everyone else working on? Do you have any favorite designers?


  1. Kat says:

    I need to fall in love with a jelly roll.

    • Nicole says:

      It’s super easy to fall in love with them. It’s the best way to get a vast collection of prints in one location without paying an arm and leg for pieces of each of the designs run for that season. There are so many things you can do with them too!