A Spot of Lunch and the Wild

Took a friend out for an adventure over the weekend for her birthday. Several of us piled into a car and made our way out to Fossil Rim just outside Glen Rose, Texas. Fossil Rim has a drive through safari and we thought it might be fun to fed the animals, but first we stopped at Storiebook Cafe in Glen Rose. My friend, Oguz, seems to have an endless supply of unique places to eat up his sleeve. The last time we followed him into the unknown we ate some of the best soul food I’ve ever tasted. Our stop at the Storiebook Cafe just such an experience. I have no idea how he even stumbled upon this gem. This is the kind of place I wouldn’t mind working in…forever.

Each room had a different feel and all of it was good. Nostalgic memorabilia lined shelves, hung on walls, and filled the corners. The tables had one of a kind chairs and teapots nestled in nooks and crannies. The food was delicious and the atmosphere fun and laid back. At one point the waitresses told us if we got up and danced the twist (while the song was playing) we would get 10% off our lunch. Our whole table got up and twisted away, as did pretty much every other patron in the place. My favorite feature was the bookshelves everywhere.

From the cafe we traveled a ways up the road to Fossil Rim, a place that is known for its dinosaur fossils. In addition to the relics they have a massive land preserve that is home to myriad animals from Elk to antelops; all free roaming and ready to nibble on treats from your hand. The drive-through safari was our main destination for the day and despite the overcast sky we still got a lot of interaction with the animals.

During colder weather they pen the giraffes so this was the closest we got to them, but there was an adorable baby with the herd <?>, in fact there were many baby animals through out the whole preserve.

I love a good adventure. Seriously. I firmly believe that getting out and doing something new, perhaps a bit out of your comfort zone, and in the company of kindred spirits can really do a soul good. I am a laughter addict too. I can’t get enough of it and I love spreading it among the masses. Laughing does a body good and there is nothing better than laughing with friends while you experience something together. Bonds are strengthened, or forged anew, and when it is time to lay your head down at the close of another day those moments can bring peace and contentment. What adventures have you been on recently?


  1. Shona says:

    I had such a GREAT time!!! It was a perfect birthday weekend adventure!!! =)