Camping: An Instant Film Story

I love camping. It is a past time I hold to dearly and will continue to pursue well into my old age. Getting away from the bright lights of city life, with all its sounds, smells, and distractions, returning once again to the wild and letting nature wash over all my senses; nirvana. In this day and age of instant communication and the overwhelming press of technology, the ability to turn it all off and escape is something to be treasured. My fondest and more prized memories of my childhood are centered around the family camping trips we took. No matter the bickering, the stress, the problems that faced us as a family unit, when we went camping it all went to the wayside. We bonded and grew in our love for each other, experienced new things, learned to work together all over again, and reveled in the beauty that sounded us.

So often the daily grind beats us down till we forget to look anywhere but at the next event on our agenda. The trees, and grass, and sky all bleed into one background image. The sounds, smells, and tastes of the world around us merge till they are almost unrecognizable. How many sunsets do we ignore? How many animal sightings do we pass right over? How many sweetly scented breezes do we take for granted? Camping allows me to untangle all those things from each other and appreciate them. I mean, the stars! Oh my, the stars that you can see just by getting away from the lights of the city. New York’s got nothing on the twinkling in a clear night sky.

This last trip I brought along a new toy: the Fuji Instax. It’s a fun little instant camera that was created to fill the void left after Polaroid announced they would stop producing film. The film, while smaller in format than Polaroid, is cheaper than the current substitute-The Impossible Project-and comes with more per pack. I shot nearly the entire trip on the Instax. It was like being a kid again, snapping photographs with a Polaroid camera and getting to see the results right then and there. (I cropped out the borders)

I’ve been snapping pictures like crazy with this thing. Before, with packs of the 600 film I bought I would guard them closely, plan what I spent them on, and carefully line everything up so I got the best shot possible. It is nice to be able to snap with wild abandon again. Thanks Fuji!

Have you been camping before? What do you enjoy most about the experience? Least?


  1. Kat says:

    I think one of my favorite “camping” experiences was the time we tried to go camping, I’d rented an SUV, and we couldn’t find a campsite, so we ended up just having a sleepover in my room instead. That was hilarious, and the drive with you all over the place was entertaining. We really need a do-over of that, lol.

    • Nicole says:

      That is certainly on my list of fun experiences. That SUV was pretty baller too. The sleep over was a nice ending to a fun day of running around with intentions of sleeping in a tent. Next time we might make it to the tent but either way we’ll have fun.

  2. Michelle says:

    Love the pictures! 🙂