Thrifty Buying: Newest Treasures

I’ve been busy this last week working on special Christmas gifts for my grandparents. I want to give them something really neat and customized. Needless to say the holidays have me super busy crafting which means I’ve put DIY on the back burner. (Don’t want to inadvertently give away gift surprises!) I got my first commission last week and I am ecstatic! Growth is an amazing feeling. Sometimes I feel like there is little to show for my endeavors and then something happens to remind me that it’s a slow journey at times. Gotta stay the course. Nothing worth doing was ever done easily.

I am part of an ornament swap and need to get something put together by the 24th. My pen pal is the blogger Mary from Inside My Hideaway. Check her out, her stuff is pretty fantastic. I’ve got a great idea on what to make for her and can’t wait to see what she sends me. I’ll post pictures once I finish and she receives it.

As ever I have been keeping my bargain eye open for steals. Over the last couple weeks I’ve collected a few awesome finds. I love getting a deal! Especially on cute things.

Got this toothbrush cover (I have a problem with cats wanting to lick my toothbrush) for a dollar! The notebook was from a set of three (the other two tucked away for gifts) and the quote is from Vincent Van Gogh. “Looking at the stars always makes me dream.”

Ever the sucker for owls I nabbed up this min mug for a $1.50. I even bought my two dearest friends their own; one a penguin and the other a bear. The stamp I got for half off during one of Hobby Lobby’s many holiday sales.

I’ve a growing fascination with mustache art. Grabbed these for a dollar each at Target. Their dollar bins are mostly filled with fun throwaway party favors, and tend to be geared towards kids, but sometimes you find some really adorable products. The center piece is a business card holder! I think I love the “born to ride” mustache the best.

Picked up the amber glass jar at a Goodwill for $2 and the vase at Walmart for 50 cents. I like to replace the vase periodically with a dried flower. It brightens up my desk space. The amber container I am currently using to house supplies for a wind chime project I’ve got brewing in the back of my mind.

Walmart has a small jewelry supply section and among the charms and beads you can find a clearance section where everything is a dollar. Pendants, charms, beads-anything really. I’ve found some pretty awesome pieces by taking the time to sift through the bin. These I am collecting for my wind chime project.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday. Eat lots of food and enjoy the company you keep. I know that I am thankful for life itself, for my family, and for the ability to do what I love each day. Don’t forget! You can still enter to win my embroidered hand towel giveaway. Click HERE for more information. Also be sure to check out Wonder Forest for an exclusive listing of my shop along with a holiday discount code. Sale runs from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Happy Making!

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