Fabric Friday: Fun and Funky

Whew! The holidays are over and while I miss the joy of family, friends, and a warm hearth, I am glad to be back in the swing of making, blogging, and just plain doing! I hadn’t planned on such a long hiatus but with a sister in town, a best friend visiting, and tons of Christmas gifts to make the days just got away from me. Not to mention starting a new job and picking up more hours at it. I hope to be back in full DIY blogging splendor soon and even have a few projects I’m working on to inspire you guys out of those holiday comas!

I’ve been slowly adding more to my fabric collection and thought I’d share some of the funky new patterns and colors I’ve accrued. Most of these will be made into crochet hook organizers for my store, but a few I’ve a mind to save for a scrap quilt. (I’ve really been into making blankets as of late, but more on that later.)

I love fabrics with vintage hues (like the floral print from above) and stars. I will buy nearly anything with stars on it. I’m collecting for a star themed quilt. And I can’t wait to turn the lime green and 60’s style print into a crochet hook organizer. That baby is just destined for someone out there who will love it. I feel it in my bones.

How fantastic is that bird print? Love it paired with grey. And the owls are adorable too! Perhaps there is an bird themed quilt in my future too!

I’ve also been doing a ton of crocheting. Several of my Christmas gifts were crocheted pillows. I did one for each of my sisters and cause I love the pattern so much I’m making this fruit-a-licious piece for Michelle. My Grandma sent me some art books she found at a second hand store for my collection. They are lovely and have that old book smell. I also added another Granny Square motif book to my collection. I want to make blankets and I enjoy unique and unusual patterns so this one was perfect!

I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the last few weeks of chaotic activity. Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet? Mine is to strengthen my vocabulary with little quizzes each week. Happy Making!


  1. Michelle says:

    Eeeee, my pillow!!

    The star blanket sounds AWESOME!! I’d love a themed blanket myself having to do with weather! I may have to hit you up for one of those too! (Although I do know these things will be over time). 😀

    • Nicole says:

      You should start collecting weather print fabric! Just as you see a fat quarter buy it up. They are usually less than 2 dollars a piece so I say start saving up now. I’ve been saving star motifs for a year now and only have about ten small pieces.

  2. Joy says:

    I really love all of your fabric! I am a *bit* of a fabric nut, a fact to which my overloaded closet will attest. If I had to choose a favorite of what you showed us today, I might choose the bird print…are those parakeets? Love ’em, regardless of what they are. The bird lamp in the first and second pics…..so sweet! 🙂

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah! Parakeets! So adorable. And I love them with the grey fabric. It really makes the birds pop.