The Old Town

Sometimes it is great to go exploring in your own backyard. You never know what treasures you will discover. Carrollton is a town I have grown up around; I’ve heard its name many a time, driven its streets, broken bread in its confines, and even stayed a night or two. It is a stones throw away from the many other cities that but up against each other in DFW and one I am beginning to see with new eyes.

When boredom sets in, Kat and I like to grab out cameras and head out to the nearest Old Town we have yet to walk through. We’ve done Bishop Arts, McKinney, and even Lewisville; now was time to discover what Old Town Carrollton had to offer. Though small it lacked nothing in quaintness. Big beauty can be found in the smallest of places. I am never so amazed as I am by the unique flavor each nook and cranny of the world has to offer.













8From quilt stores to old fashioned candy shops, from wine and spirits to fried chicken with a family feel, the oldest part of Carrollton offers a wide variety of things to see and do. Darling little gift shops and photography businesses nestled up against an eatery and park with gazebo, all coming together to make for one picturesque little town. Finishing off our mini photo walk with some Babe’s Chicken was the perfect way to kill some boredom.

What treasure wait to be discovered in your own backyard? Is there a place that has become common and in need of a look through fresh eyes? Don’t miss out on the great stuff your own city has to offer! Old Towns are one easy place you can go to find history, commerce, beauty, age, and a unique quirkiness all its own. Happy Making!


  1. Kat says:

    Such cuteness! We need to hit up Downtown Denton some Saturday.