The Rollicord

I brought out my husband’s Rollicord to shoot an event we had at The Dallas Makerspace last night. This beauty of a camera was once his grandfathers and has been passed down to him. I am only too eager to show it a good time.

Last night the DMS had their first Hackathon. Their goal was to make a supersonic ping-pong gun. The process was fun to watch and document on the Rollicord. I used the Space’s darkroom during the festivities to develop the rolls.





The last shot was shot through the hole that the ping-pong ball made through a sheet of styrofoam!



The result of a ping-pong ball against a can!!


A couple of time I intentionally double exposed, but for the most part I was so excited to watch the creation of this fun toy that I forgot to advance the film. Man I love the Rollicord! The bit of blur to the images was due to the fact I was shooting F3.5 at 1/10. Plus the glass of the viewer is a bit fogged with time and even a good cleaning didn’t clear it up entirely. Bright light works best for shooting clear, crisp shots but I still love my moody Makerspace photographs. The Blacksmithing section was the best.

{Shot on Ilford HP5+ / Dev 11min in Adonal  / Fixed for 5 min}

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