‘Envelope’ Yourself

I am all about re-purposing things. I’ve talked many times on here about how you can recycle, reuse, and upcycle things all around you. And I’ve got another tip for you! Many months ago (too many to count) I found a set of envelope templates at Paper Source (a fantastic place if you love papercrafts and beautiful keepsakes) and bought them along with their insert template counterparts. This has made making my own custom envelopes so easy and fun. Anything I can trace onto I can make into an envelope. I’ve even made fabric ones!

I recently checked out Trader Joe’s, which is like the cheaper, smaller version of Whole Foods. They had a great selection of wine so I purchased a couple bottles for a Wine and Dine Monday ritual my husband and our close friend Bryan started. I fell in love with their quirky bags and wanted to keep them instead of just recycling them. So I used my templates and turned them into quirky little envelopes just waiting for letters of love to fill them.


1. Brown Grocery Bags (preferably with a print for fun but can be any brown bag)
2. Scissors
3. Pencil
4. Envelope Templates (I purchased mine through Paper Source)
5. Craft Paper
6. Double Sided Tape

Step 1

Cut your bag along one seam and along the bottom. Be mindful of how you cut so you get the most out of your bag. Lay flat and begin tracing your preferred envelope size. Put it as close to the edge and each other as you  can so you get as many envelopes as possible.

You can trace the fold lines but I usually don’t cause I don’t want them showing.

Using double-sided tape I fold my envelopes together and tape them along the underside of their meeting seams. Be careful not to leave anything hanging over those seams of it will stick to itself or attract items on the outside.

Using the corresponding insert template cut out a piece to fit the inside of the envelope. These papers give your pieces a POP! of color and fun. Use the double-sided tape to affix the insert to the inside of the envelope flap.



group1Group9 Group2

Now for new pretties! I happened upon a sale of charms and pendants at Hobby Lobby and stocked up on some beautiful pieces along with several glass vials, vibrant yarn and some interesting new products that yielded some interesting results!





I have often contemplated trying out Water Slide paper as a way to get images to my bamboo tiles and while I’ve found a work around right now I still yearn for the original look I fell in love with. And Water Slide paper is not cheap. I had to know if the stuff worked the way I hoped it would. Hobby Lobby to the rescue! They released an artist line of water slide decals and I grabbed up several to try. I was really pleased with the results.


I’m crocheting away on several new projects and so much of my other DIY has hit the backburner in lieu of these pursuits so hopefully soon I’ll be back in my full DIY swing. Hope everyone is have a fabulous week! Happy Making!


  1. Joy says:

    These are cuuuute. You explained it so well, I think even I could make one…maybe… 🙂

    Maybe I should just wait until they are in your etsy shop. 🙂

    • Nicole says:


      I hadn’t thought of putting them on my store but I might if I made custom greeting cards to go with them!