Glass Etching Kits: a review

I have the tendency to hop from craft to craft. I like trying new things all the time and that usually means spending money. Sometimes I try to find creative ways to save and still get the desired result and other times I prefer to buy kits and test the waters with the advice of those who’ve gone before me.

Glass etching slinked into my thoughts one bright day after I had started saving the glass jars some of the food I buy comes in and realized that I had many without any interesting design on them. I picked up the Martha Stewart Glass Etching Kit from Michael’s to test it out and see if it would fit my creative needs for transforming my glass jar collection into beautiful storage containers.

The steps are easy enough to follow and the supplies minimal.


1. Glassware (*not included in the kit)
2. Adhesive Stencils (Martha Stewart Kit)
3. Brush (Martha Stewart Kit)
4. Etching Cream (Martha Stewart Kit)

Step 1

Step One:
The directions with the kit recommend using tape to hold down your stencils but the adhesive stencils are flexible and conform to the shape of your glassware easily. Remove your stencil from the sheet and line it up. Be mindful of placement especially for patterns that will repeat. You want your lines to be parallel to the bottom of the glass.


Step Two:
Apply the etching cream. You can use gloves if you desire but the etching cream did not bother my skin much. Cover liberally with cream. Let sit for 15 minutes.

*On my first test piece the etching was faint so I let the cream sit for longer than 15 minutes. This helped give a more striking contrast.


Step Three:
Rinse off the cream. Use a paper towel to gently rub off any excess as the cream can be tenacious in its hold on the glass.


Step Four:
Remove stencil and store for another use. Polish your glass and display!

Final Thoughts:
This kit was easy to use and while the results were not as intense as I would have desired of the kit I was still pleased with the outcome enough that I would recommend using it. There is enough cream in the kit to etch  a lot of glass. The price left something to be desired so if you can find a kit from another vendor (where you aren’t spending more on the name than the product) then it would be worth you money to try it out.

Happy Making!


  1. Kim Johnson says:

    I found MS etching cream a huge disappointment. For the price I expected it to work. I had to leave it on for an hour to get a faint image. Does not work as directed.