On Walkabout: Tales in Black and White

I live in such a unique community. More than just an apartment complex, Austin Ranch is a tribute to life, art, music, and beauty. They revel in nature, architecture that stands apart, and the romantic notion that every moment is worth experiencing. Hidden all through out our massive urban style complex are secret gardens, stone art work, fountains, sculptures, and mini parks. Each time I walk around I discover something new. There are five main phases (soon to be six with a community garden!) and up until yesterday Andrew and I had only explored four of them. I decided it was high time I go on walkabout in Phase 4. Camera in hand I set out to get lost. What I found was a magical world folded neatly between the homes of hundreds of other people; grooves of wonder cut into the fabric of the “everyday”.
















I love shooting black and white film. As much as I love color, when you strip it all away, form takes center stage. Not to mention the added fun of developing it on my own. There is a connection to the end result that you just don’t get with digital. From start to finish I create something entirely my own and with it I pay homage to those who created, with their hands, the things I capture. Self developing is a cathartic, almost spiritual, experience for me.¬†¬†Like returning to one’s roots, I feel at home with my Canon in hand.

What places around you are begging to be explored? Perhaps it is time to grab a camera, a trusty companion, and set out for an adventure. You might be surprised what you find. Happy Making!

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