Fabric Friday: Thirties and Stars

So belated on this one. You know, sometimes you think you’ll have all the time in the world to get something done and BAM! life hits you outta no where. When to the Quilt Show (as I gushed about a couple weeks ago if that tells you anything about how behind I am!) and picked up some fabulous pieces of fabric. Some of the items I bought have specific ideas in mind, others were just too wonderful to pass up. So far I am slowly collecting fabrics for two future quilts; a soft, romantic piece made mostly of white with little splashes of pink and purple and a quilt made mostly from star print fabric.

This month my Mother-In-Law is taking me on something called the Quilt Express. A massive coach will pick us up early on a Saturday and from there we start our 48 hour fabric shop hop. I cannot wait! I will be baaaaaa-roke when I come back, but it will be worth it. We will be finishing up my first quilt the night before we leave so it can finally, finally, be quilted. But, hey, it’s a labor of love right? Who cares how long it takes.

Until then, let me gush about my new lovelies. Well newish – I have slacked on posting for Fabric Fridays. Picked some more Thirties prints, some romantic flower prints, a set of scrumptious, creamy pink batiks, and of course, star prints!






Happy Making!


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