Japanese Gardens

Lately I have been trying a more active approach to life. I want to be outside, moving, doing; simply be active. I have endeavored to walk more, dance more, laugh more, and enjoy life. Healthy eating, exercise, they are only part of the equation to a fit life. There has to be emotional and psychological well being too. Each day I strive to smile about something, give cheer to others, and revel in good humor. My stress levels lately have been seriously low, or I should say, negative stress is at an all time low. The good kind of stress, the kind of which passion, working the body, and excitement produce, are in abundance for me it seems. Truly, it isn’t just something I’ve stumbled upon. I’ve had to work hard at looking for beautiful things, silly moments to laugh about, and not entangling myself in the drama of people who would drag me down. Each day is a choice to find something to be happy about, something to appreciate and be grateful for and I rise to the challenge eagerly.

It just so happens that in my pursuit of active living I have stumbled upon adventures that don’t hit hard on the wallet. City gardens, festivals, fun runs, and local attractions; these are how I maintain my goal of living life with gusto. It gives me a new appreciate for where I live for, as my friends can attest to, I tend to dwell long on the woes of Texas summers and all the flat, flat expanses. My recent visit to the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens helped me love this place a little bit more and brought with it a good time with friends and serene beauty.










What have you gone out and done lately? Did it leave you with a sense of accomplishment? Peace? Restlessness?

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