The Wildflower Season, Texas Style

One of the things I do love about living in this state is the wet season which in turn brings use the most amazing plethora of wildflowers I have ever seen anywhere. In person that is. I am sure the Rainforest beats us hands down, but these prairie lands certainly bloom wonderfully. I think it was a fitting end to my time visiting Austin that I got to visit the Wildflower Center. It was a nice way to say goodbye and spend time with Michelle during her last months there.

Of course, you don’t need the Wildflower Center to enjoy the bounty Texas has to offer. A drive on any highway will give you a vast sampling of flowers. There are whole maps devoted to guiding you to the best flower spots via highways. Our state flower is the Blue Bonnet and a favorite of mine. For a brief window-that I seemed to miss all the time it felt-bright periwinkle purple flowers pop up all over the place like little spears to pierce the sky. People go crazy over them! They seek out the best places to nestle down into them and snap portraits. Baby’s are the biggest victims of this. It just seems you aren’t a true Texan if you haven’t had your picture taken by or in some bed of blue bonnets. Just be wary…the bees love them too.

But Blue Bonnets aren’t the only flowers that grace our grassy ways with frequency; Indian Paintbrush, Sun Flowers, Thistle (my fav!), Firewheels, Black Eyed Susans, the list goes on! Spring is truly a colorful time here in Texas.














What are your favorite seasons of the year? What do you like most about them?

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