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On Walkabout: Tales in Black and White

I live in such a unique community. More than just an apartment complex, Austin Ranch is a tribute to life, art, music, and beauty. They revel in nature, architecture that stands apart, and the romantic notion that every moment is worth experiencing. Hidden all through out our massive urban style...

Eggtastic: A Festival of Color

Decorating eggs has been a wonderful childhood pastime and each year, without fail, we get together and dye eggs. In recent years I have been trying to add some new fun to the age old tradition. Last year I first attempted the Silk Tie Dye method with so much success I did...

The Great Stachecapades

Sometimes it is all about enjoying life. When I get around my bestie, Chelle, of 15 years (woot!) the fun never ends. She lives life loudly and with much passion. We laugh, we adventure, we live, and revel in the small things. Like goofy photoshoots. Get out and enjoy a moment....

Spending My Days In Laughter

I’m coming down from a pretty hectic couple of weeks. Fun to be sure, but it is also nice to return to some semblance of equilibrium. Birthdays, Quilt Shows, Family Dinners, Besties Visiting, Crafting, More Family Dinners. The in between moments were filled with Instagram. I personally love sharing snippets of my life...

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