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Green Thumb

I love growing plants. Once upon a time, when I lived in my first apartment, I attempted to cultivate a green thumb only to have a myriad of random happenings kill off the two plants I started with. And they were hearty little cactus. But even those little warriors of...

The Old Town

Sometimes it is great to go exploring in your own backyard. You never know what treasures you will discover. Carrollton is a town I have grown up around; I’ve heard its name many a time, driven its streets, broken bread in its confines, and even stayed a night or two....

Austin: Keeping It Weird

Traveled down to Austin, Texas over the weekend to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays. As with every trip I take to our capital I am reminded how much I adore this city and Its places and people. The people thing mostly because someone I love dearly lives there...