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Glitter Ornament DIY

I saw this on Craftgawker (a great site if you’ve never heard of it) and had to try it for myself. My sister (who graciously modeled this DIY for me) and I spent the whole day Sunday making these neat little ornaments. I added a few extras to the list...

Teddy Bear DIY Ornament

I was a teddy bear girl growing up. I wasn’t much into having baby dolls to cuddle with in bed. They creeped me out to be honest. But a snugly, fuzzy, soft teddy bear was always within arms reach of me at bedtime. To this day I have a soft spot for...

Candy Cane Ornament

Over the weekend I got into the Holiday spirit early and decided to start decorating. Each year Andrew and I pull out our small but cheery little Christmas tree and decorate it. I usually like decorating the tree with friends and family. My favorite memories of Christmas revolved around that...