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Green Thumb

I love growing plants. Once upon a time, when I lived in my first apartment, I attempted to cultivate a green thumb only to have a myriad of random happenings kill off the two plants I started with. And they were hearty little cactus. But even those little warriors of...

Spring in Winter: Part 3 of 3

Now it’s time for my personal favorite from this series. The customized clothing pin! I saw a set of beautiful clothes pins at Michael’s and bought a set. Then when I got them out to use I realized I had everything I needed to make my own except the actual pins themselves....

Spring in Winter: Part 2 of 3

Time for more bright and cheery colors! Spring Fever has hit me a bit early this year. I think the lack luster Texas winter is making me long for shades of green.  While crafting and shopping I’ve found my eye wandering to things with birds, bird nests, and bright colors....