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Peace, Love, Antiques

There is an antique festival here in Texas that my mom and I enjoy going to. We take it as a chance to get away from a mini vacation and enjoy beautiful things. Held in tiny, seriously tiny, Round Top-population 90-the weeks long festival boasts hundreds of vendors,; artists, restoration...

The Old Town

Sometimes it is great to go exploring in your own backyard. You never know what treasures you will discover. Carrollton is a town I have grown up around; I’ve heard its name many a time, driven its streets, broken bread in its confines, and even stayed a night or two....

Austin: Keeping It Weird

Traveled down to Austin, Texas over the weekend to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays. As with every trip I take to our capital I am reminded how much I adore this city and Its places and people. The people thing mostly because someone I love dearly lives there...